Non/Dis-Agential Objects

(2021 - ongoing)

Critical Design

When studying objects with agency, can we learn anything by looking at objects with none? If agency is to have exert power or influence, then many objects must exist which take this away. This is likely to largely be contextual and situational, for example a glass is no good to someone without water, however often in this case objects can take on new purpose. In design, given that it is intention, objects are made to have purpose and we rarely see this opposed or reversed.

This handle and hammer are the beginnings of a collection of objects and ideas that actively try to withdraw agency from within themselves, not to suggest that in a new context they could not prove functional. These are now aesthetic ornaments, they are intentionally placed or shaped in order to cause disruption.

Handle — attached at the wider end and constructed of frictionless brushed aluminium, there is no chance of opening the drawers.

Hammer — this fragile, bottle-green glass hammer is sure to smash into smithereens with one hit.